The Self Contract


Self Contract Cover

Be your own Coach!

This worksheet will support you in leveraging the power of accountability, one of the most valuable things working with a Coach brings. Healthy Accountability can keep us moving forward when times are tough!

Not everyone is ready to invest in working with a 1-1 Coach, so I created this Worksheet to make accountability accessible to everyone who needs it.

There is also a link within the Workbook to a non-colour 'Print Edition', and the final one-page contract can be used multiple times for any Goal.

Ian Edward Heslop

Coaching Businesses need Clients – that's where I come in!
I guide Coaches and Consultants into consistently generating and converting high-quality leads. I only work with ethical, positive-impact-driven Business Owners.

I've been generating and converting 'New Business' leads for 30 years and have loved every minute of it. And after doing this for decades, Human buying patterns have materialised and been codified, which I enjoy sharing with my Clients.

You'll find me especially useful in reaching the revenue goals of your Coaching or Consulting Business. If you enjoy growing yourself as much as growing your business!

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