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For Coaches Who Love Clients!

When we connect to our future Clients with an attitude of Love & Service through authentic Sales & Marketing our Business becomes highly profitable.

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Free Workbook

Define your ideal Client!

Knowing exactly who your Coaching Business serves is vitally important to the success of your Business in many different ways and may be the most important thing of all. The more we know our Clients, the better we can serve them.

This workbook will support you in becoming very clear about who your ideal Coaching client is in greater detail than ever before, which will increase your Business Growth, improve your profit margins and free your valuable time.


Some Client Love!

"If you are looking for a coach who truly listens and hears the meaning behind your words and can feed it back in an inspiring, succinct and clear message, then sign up with Ian – today! He has a gift for holding your overall success vision for you while leading you step by step towards that goal. Ian’s powerhouse marketing skill set is so deep that he can magically find a marketing direction that fits how you love connecting with clients. His ability to pull from your own inner wisdom has you looking forward to each session. If you truly want to build a successful business with a strong foundation, plan and vision that incorporates lots of life freedom as well, then Ian Heslop is the coach for you."

Kathryn Gorham

"I wanted to sincerely thank you for your guidance and coaching. Thank you for being by my side these past few months to see me through and help me with my business and healing. Thank you for sharing my wins and helping me work through my challenges. Thank you for listening, for your attention, and for caring. Thank you for your time, your kindness, and for believing in me and my potential. 

I will always be grateful to you for playing an important part in changing my life and my mindset and for being my guide to make the greatest impact on the people who need my help the most!" 

Anne Reynolds

"I am so grateful for the guidance that I received from Ian Heslop.

I started my business not long ago and felt overwhelmed and anxious, not knowing which direction to take.

Ian taught me the strategies that are like the secret accelerator in building my business.

In one session, I had a breakthrough that allowed me to get unstuck and move forward with much more confidence. It was like this layer of blocks was removed. I am a new me. I am truly confident. 

Now I am taking action from a place of inspiration, presence and possibility, feeling free and encouraged more than ever!

Thank you so much, Ian, for what you do!" 

Anna Steffan

"I knew nothing about website building and am very untechnical. Ian made it seem simple, explaining what was involved step by step. In a very professional, sensitive and friendly manner.

I am so pleased with the outcome! My new website looks lovely and is engaging. I am proud to direct my clients towards it. More importantly, it has really increased my business, bringing in lots of new clients.

I couldn't be happier; a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ian's website design services."

Teresa White

Ian Edward Heslop

Coaching Businesses need Clients – that's where I come in!
I guide Coaches and Consultants into consistently generating and converting high-quality leads. I only work with ethical, positive-impact-driven Business Owners.

I've been generating and converting 'New Business' leads for 30 years and have loved every minute of it. And after doing this for decades, Human buying patterns have materialised and been codified, which I enjoy sharing with my Clients.

You'll find me especially useful in reaching the revenue goals of your Coaching or Consulting Business. If you enjoy growing yourself as much as growing your business!

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